Barbara M. Friedman Award

The Barbara M. Friedman Award was actively awarded from 2004-2013. It was used to recognize a community member for their outstanding contribution to education in Westwood.

Recipients of The Barbara Friedman Award:

2013 – Ms. Patricia Carty-Larkin, Westwood Council of Aging
2012 – Ms. Julia Brune (posthumously), Hale Reservation Membership Beach Director
2011 – Dr. Avalin Green, Director of Curriculum, Instruction and Professional Development for the Westwood School District
2010 – Mr. Paul Grenham, Sheehan School 4th Grade Teacher
2009 – Mr. Mark Holthouse, Westwood High School Science Teacher
2008 – Ms. Carol Craig-O’Brien, Director Westwood Early Childhood Council
2007 – Ms. Sue Deluca, Special Education Thurston Middle School
2006 – Mr. Thomas Viti and the Westwood Public Library Staff
2005 – Sergeant Paul Sicard, Westwood Police Department
2004 – Ms. Joanne Hadalski, Principal Sheehan School

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