Westwood's Got Talent

Westwood's Got Talent 2021 Has Ended

Let’s celebrate self-expression and give Westwood kids a virtual outlet to showcase their talents across the arts and sciences. The minds behind Westwood’s Annual Spelling Bee are pleased to present Westwood’s Got Talent (WGT) – a virtual talent showcase for Westwood kids ages 5-18 years old. 

WGT 2021 has ended. Kids were given two weeks to submit their video entries during a two-week registration period (3/1-3/14). Videos were then published for the world to vote during two rounds of voting (3/15 - 3/21 and 3/22 - 3/28).


(Links to each participant's video entry will be posted soon!)

Winner ($300 Grand Prize)

Maya Safi - 5-8 Years Old - Music - Musicians/Band/Vocalists - singing Lewis Capaldi's Someone You Loved

Maya Safi - Westwood's Got Talent Winner 2021


Aanika Kashalkar 5-8 yrs
Bernard Xu and Jasper Xu 13-15 yrs
Connor Flaherty 5-8 yrs
Cora Hertz 9-12 yrs
Emily Ma 13-15 yrs
Gavin Huang 9-12 yrs
Livi McDaniels, Natalie Unger, and Iyla Scafidi 9-12 yrs
Manjula Viswalingam 9-12 yrs
Mateo Thunberg 9-12 yrs
Maya Safi 5-8 yrs
Owen Hawkins 5-8 yrs
Sasha Olivia Julia Marino 5-8 yrs
Sophie Ritz 13-15 yrs
Victoria Tibets 16-18 yrs


Abigail Buckley 9-12 yrs
Anna Theofilou & Lulu Fenton 9-12 yrs
Annabelle & Charlie Goodman 9-12 yrs
Ari Fortin 5-8 yrs
Baili Jiang 13-15 yrs
Bhargav Iyengar 9-12 yrs
Caitlin Tignor 9-12 yrs
Cecilia Anatole 5-8 yrs
Charlie Spidle 9-12 yrs
Charlotte "Charlie' Smith 5-8 yrs
Chloe O'Sullivan 5-8 yrs
Christopher Capodilupo 9-12 yrs
Ella Buckley & Charlotte Santos 9-12 yrs
Graham & Ben Gaffin 9-12 yrs
Hayato & Shunya Moy 9-12 yrs
Katherine & Abby 9-12 yrs
Katie Tran 13-15 yrs
Katie Welby 5-8 yrs
Mackenzie Vogelgesang 9-12 yrs
Maggie Lutze 9-12 yrs
Noah Hahn 5-8 yrs
Olive Svitil 5-8 yrs
Owen & Owen 9-12 yrs
PJ Lutze 5-8 yrs
Richie Smith 5-8 yrs
Roman Elliott-Lewis 9-12 yrs
Tommy Tignor 9-12 yrs
Yonah Citrin 13-15 yrs



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